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The Hair Masque is to be used as a deep conditioner and MUST be kept refrigerated.


First, make sure hair is detangled so that the masque can reach every strand.  Divide your hair into 6-8 sections, depending on the length or thickness of your hair. Apply the masque on damp hair from roots to tip and finger comb your hair, before using a wide tooth comb in the desired section. Repeat this step for each section of your head. Once applied, sit under a blow dryer for 15 minutes with a shower cap on top of your head to avoid direct contact with the heat. Rinse with 1 cup of water and apple cider vinegar. Use choice of shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair as normal and to remove any residue. For best results, use baking soda, amino acid and honey to rinse out the hair masque for added shine. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. 


Benefits of the Hair Masque

*All Natural

*Reduce Breakage and Split Ends

*Adds Moisture and Shine

*Improve Texture

*Penetrate Hair Shaft

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